About us


So what exactly is Loose Riders?

Loose Riders is 2 things : a mountain bike club and a clothing brand.
Both are completely separate entities, but are run by the same people and philosophy.
lets first start with Loose Riders Global Alliance,
Loose Riders started in 2012 as a Facebook page about riding the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand, to inform people about the local trails and to share our passion for everything gravity and bike related.
In 2013 we expanded and started a clothing line, simply because we didn’t find anything we liked to ride in. We had printed some t-shirts to represent our club that were pretty popular and with one of our founding members being a veteran in the garment industry, this was a logical progression.
Since its inception to present day Loose Riders has been pushed forward by many people, a huge shoutout goes to Mohammed Farid and Wes, Ady, Johnny and Steve at the very start, all chapter Heads and everyone that spread the gospel along the way.
An extra special thanks goes out to Nico, BC, and Jelle for getting it done from day one to daily operations.

-Ride On.

In 2013 Loose Riders arrived to New Zealand. A group of mates from Christchurch had been bombing the hills on their drift trikes after the earthquakes oblivious to the sport of downhill. The new found gravity rush was exciting and cheap but came with the price of constant hassle by the police and residents, including an old guy with nun-chucks. 

The trouble soon landed us on the news, with LR CHCH admin Brent simply telling 3news " We aren't here to bend the rules we're here to rule the bends" , it got the giggles from the reporters but not the police.The sport was fun but it was becoming a pain.

Then we were shown DH and were completely blown away by everything! the tracks, the places, the people, the culture just everything!

After hitting the local trails we were soon on the road hunting for lines which got us to Dunedin where we meet Tim. None of us knew much about the area and were happy as for another like minded person to join in on the amp. After learning about Loose Riders we were keen as to be apart of it to help others how we had been helped and formed NZ's first chapter.

We just want to go out get Loose and get stoked on what we're doing and the people we're doing it with! This is what being a Loose Rider is all about!

- LRNZ crew




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